In conversation with Michelin Star Chef André Chiang

Chef André Chiang & Ms. Anugya Sudan

Chef André Chiang has been an inspiration since the time I started cooking and developing recipes. He is also the name which keeps coming during my research process for TREAT as THE Chef who received 3 Michelin Stars (the maximum one can get) for restaurant Le Jardin des Sens in France and 2 Michelin Stars for his restaurants in Asia.

It was a humbling experience meeting him today and discovering that we both have similar passions of getting the best and most innovative food served to the diners in the perfect ambience. I truly believe that dining must be an experience rather than just a daily ritual.

His tasting menu based on ‘Note-By-Note’ concept (an upcoming concept of making dish from pure edible compounds, which involves fully utilising 100% of our ingredients and causing no wastage) tantalised my taste buds. The Note-By-Note method of cooking is imperative for us as today we waste more than we eat and we eat more than we need. It’s an attempt to stop wastage today an in turn help our future generations.

Chef André Chiang

My message to you is try and use as much portion of vegetables and fruits as possible while you’re eating/cooking. It could be as simple as not wasting potato or apple peels.