Banana Smoothie – Shack Saturdays

Banana Smoothie - Indian Curry ShackBananas have been my saviour for all the times when I am super hungry or rushing. It just comes so handy. This weekend try this absolutely delicious Banana Smoothie. Just get the bananas, yogurt and crushed ice ready and you are all set to experience bliss in your mouth. This smoothie is a hit with the kids.

Here’s the very simple recipe for you all;

Preparation Time  5-10 minutes
Blending Time  0-5 minutes
Servings  2 Big Glasses
Main Ingredients  Bananas and Natural Yogurt
Main Equipment  Blender
Course  Beverage
Level Of Blending  Medium


  • Bananas  2 (sliced and frozen)
  • Milk  3/4 cup
  • Natural Yogurt  1 cup (alternatively, you can use banana flavour or sweet yogurt)
  • Sugar 3 tablespoons (add more or less as per your preference)
  • Banana Essence  1 teaspoon (alternatively, use vanilla essence)
  • Ice  8 – 10 cubes (crushed)


Step 1
Place all the ingredients in a blender jar and blend from medium to full speed till smooth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Step 2
Pour the smoothie in glasses. Serve immediately.Banana Smoothie-Indian Curry Shack

Relish this appetizing Banana Smoothie with your family and friends! 🙂


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