Kanjak Bhog – Ghugni, Sooji Ka Halwa and Poori (Navratri Special)

I remember how my sisters and I used to get excited during Kanjak (the ritual performed on Ashtami or Navmi mostly in North India) as we were worshipped on this day, fed with delicacies and were given gifts or money. Ghugni, Sooji Ka Halwa and Poori are the very popular and must dishes for this ritual. These are such delightful dishes that the whole family enjoys having these on this day. Mum has been an expert in making these delicacies and I learnt making these from her. Talking about Sooji Ka Halwa, I can’t miss my maternal grand mother. She truly has magic in her hands and when she is making it, you won’t believe we kids (yeah, I know we’re no more kids 😦 but feels nice that we are still kids for her 😉 ) wait with spoons in our hands so that the moment Sooji Ka Halwa is prepared we are ready to attack on it… Haha. Talking about mum and grand mum, here’s a photo of all of us together – this was clicked on my wedding morning during a pre-nuptial ceremony.

Mummy, Teana & Nani Maa

So bringing to you all my family favourites. 🙂

Sooji Ka Halwa - Indian Curry Shack

Sooji Ka Halwa – Delicious Sweet Semolina (Sooji/Rawa) Halwa

Ghugni - Indian Curry Shack

Ghugni – Black Chickpeas Curry

Poori - Indian Curry Shack

Poori – A variety of Indian Bread made with whole wheat flour and deep-fried

Wishing A Very Happy Kanjak To All! 🙂

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