Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) – Shack Saturdays Special

Lemonade - Indian Curry ShackWe had a take-away biryani tonight and it was super spicy. I don’t relish too hot and spicy food so well but since I was so hungry I continued eating. An idea occurred to me to make sweet Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) to sip while eating. Trust me, it was an excellent idea at that time and the Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) got prepared in less than 5 minutes. 🙂 Well, you can make it not only when you are having super spicy food but generally as well… Haha!

We can find Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) in almost every Indian house but this one is healthier and has a distinct appearance… It doesn’t resemble the normal Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) as this one is prepared with ‘brown sugar’!

I can’t wait anymore to share this quick recipe with you all. So here it is;

Preparation and Making Time  3-5 minutes
Servings  2 Glasses
Main Ingredient  Lemon & Brown Sugar (alternative, White Sugar)
Main Equipment  Shaker (can be any well-capped bottle)
Course  Beverage


  • Lemon  1 big
  • Brown Sugar Syrup  (made from 4 tablespoons sugar and 4 tablespoons water)
  • Ice  5 – 6 cubes
  • Cold Water


Step 1
Deseed and squeeze the lemon juice. Keep aside in a small bowl/cup.

Step 2
Make brown sugar syrup in a shaker/bottle by adding 4 tablespoons of sugar and 4 tablespoons of warm water and shaking it. (you can make the syrup in a bowl/cup as well if that is more convenient though making it directly in the shaker/bottle saves time.)

Step 3
Add 2 glasses (the glass in which you will be serving) of cold water in the shaker/bottle and shake with the sugar syrup. Now add the lemon juice to the sugar-water mix and shake well. Taste it before serving. You can add more sugar syrup or lemon juice as per your taste. Put a few ice cubes in the glasses and pour the Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) and serve. My better half likes his Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) with some Chaat Masala or Black Salt in it.


(PS: I personally love Nimbu Paani (Lemonade) and can have it at any time in the day so I usually make and store extra sugar syrup in my refrigerator to save time while preparing.)

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